@2019 EFAS. Developed by MCI Group

Information for speakers and presenters

Technical requirements

Verification of proper performance in the preview room is essential, particularly if video and /or animation are included in the presentation. Please note that internet access will not be available during the presentation.

When reviewing the presentation in the preview, make sure all fonts, images and animation are included in the presentation.



The following presentation file types will be supported:

  • Microsoft Office: Powerpoint, Word, Excel (.ppt, pptx, .dpc, docx, xls,xlsx)

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

  • Media files (correctly encoded for Powerpoint PC)

  • Apple keynote prohibited.


Format of presentations at Main AUDITORIUM    16:9  and 4:3

Format at Small Auditorium 4:3

Free Paper

Computer projection facilities (PowerPoint presentations) will be available in all meeting rooms. Presenters are advised to finalize their presentations well in advance.

Presentation time is 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes discussion.

Please make sure the presentation does not take longer. Chairpersons are advised to strictly follow the schedule and interrupt if necessary.

Poster Discussion

Only for authors selected by the Scientific Committee for Poster Discussion presentation.

Your presentation will have to be prepared in English with a duration of 3 minutes.. It must be in the Powerpoint format only (.ppt,.pptx. pps or ppsx).


Posters can be posted from May 22nd from the 12.30 hours and it must be removed not later than May 25th. at 12.45 hours. The organization will not be responsible for those posters that have not been removed at the indicated time.  (The size for the poster is 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height)).