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General Information


From Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th of May 2019

Congress President

Jorge Humberto Martins, Aud. MSc. PhD

EFAS Chairperson
The local organizing committee

Carla Matos, Aud. MSc. PhD

David Tomé, Aud. MSc. PhD

Diogo Ribeiro, Aud. MSc.

Joao Pedro Januário, Aud.

Jorge Humberto Martins, Aud. MSc. PhD

Melissa Cravo, Aud.

Nicole Santos, Aud. 

Odete Bastista, Aud. 

Tania Martins, Aud. MSc.

Vasco Oliveira, Aud. MSc. PhD

Françoise Sterkers-Artières, MD

Abstracts Review Committee

TAP Portugal will grant a discount to all participants of the conference who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP's website www.flytap.com : 

-10% for all economy class fares

-15% for all business class fares

* The payment will always be by credit card or any other option available on the website.

* Bookings made previously through travel agencies or at TAP desks are not eligible for the discount

*  This discount will apply to all TAP destinations and only on TAP operated flights, with final  destination  to Lisbon . Code-share flights operated by other airlines and other airlines flights do not benefit from the discount.

*  The passengers can travel on dates comprehended 10 days before / 10 days after the event dates. Event dates must be comprehended in the period of travel.

* A specific code will be given to this event and it must be mentioned on the online booking in order to benefit from the discount

André Sadeghi, PhD

Andy Beynon, PhD

Bárbara Teixeira, Aud.

Birger Kollmeier, PhD

Carla Matos, PhD

Célia Alcobia Gomes, MSc

Chryssoula Thodi, PhD

Cristina Nazaré, Aud. MSc

David Tomé, PhD

Diogo Ribeiro, MSc.

Fernanda Gentil, PhD

Françoise Artieres, MD

Haula Haider, MD.

Helena Caria, PhD

Jan Wouters, PhD

João Eloi Moura, MD. MSc.

João Januário, Aud.

Jorge Humberto Martins, PhD

Margarida Serrano, PhD

Mari Rosberg, Aud.

Martin Kompis, PhD

Paula Lopes, MSc.

Paulo Carmo, MSc.

Theresa Pitt, Aud. FISHAA 

Vasco Oliveira, PhD

Vivian Iliadou, PhD